Japanese Backyard Design Ideas

Japanese design had been widely famous around the world since the Japanese design would include the value and culture in every part of the design. Japanese design had been famous with its interior design, room design, also garden design. Here let’s talk about Japanese backyard design ideas that would be great reference for you. So, check this out! Japanese backyard design is famous with its calm, fresh and nice atmosphere that would allow you to have relax time by yourself or with your whole family.   There are many kinds of element that should be included in the Japanese backyard design. The first thing that you should consider is about the water element.From the water element, it could be realized by having koi pond that would become the feature of Japanese backyard.

Japanese backyard designJapanese backyard design

The other element that you should consider is about the Zen garden that is usually imitated to the shape of ocean. You could place the large rocks and the statues in the middle of zen garden. Then, surround the statue with some gravel and it would be similar to the ocean with island. Beside that, you could also add some other accessories including Zen Garden, Japanese Pagoda fountain, oriental furniture, and Japanese Lantern. Of course each of this ornaments would have different meaning and contain the value.

Modern Minimalist Japanese Backyard DesignModern Minimalist Japanese Backyard Design

In the design of Japanese backyard design, do not place too many plants and you could use bamboo fencing to complete the privacy effect. Then, you could design the pathways in that backyard by having stone pathways that reflect the Asian feel. Usually, in the backyard of Japanese design, there would be small place or gazebo that is used for meditation or having tea. this kind of design is really reflected the Japanese culture and value.

Awesome Japanese Stone Backyard LayoutAwesome Japanese Stone Backyard Layout

Zengarden Japanese Stone Backyard DesignZengarden Japanese Stone Backyard Design

So, after viewing some explanation about Japanese Backyard design, don’t you want to decorate your backyard in the same way as this design?

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