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Maybe you would think that sliding door is always identical to the Japanese home design, but nowadays this kind of door is used in many kinds of home design. This door could be used in many kinds of room in your house. Beside that, this sliding door consists of many kind of style, including French sliding door, glass sliding door, pella sliding door, patio sliding door, bypass sliding doors, shoji sliding doors,arcadia sliding doors and others. Beside, it could be used whether for your interior or exterior home design. When, we are talking about sliding door designs, it would give you a lot of advantages, whether it is practical, functional, or aesthetics advantages.

Patio Sliding Door DesignPatio Sliding Door Design

Then, let’s come to the description of some kinds of sliding door. Pocket sliding door is one of the example of sliding door. Based on its name, this kind of door would help you in maintaining the small room space of your room. This door does not need much space in your room. Beside of that function, this door is very nice and suitable for either minimalist, contemporary or mixing home interior design. This door could be used in the bedroom, kitchen, living room , or other room.

Glass sliding door design Glass sliding door design

Then, let’s come to the sliding door for your bathroom. Since bathroom is being a privacy room for you where you could release your tired, having sliding door, especially contemporary sliding door would give you a nice touch on your bathroom design. This kind of sliding door would give you  modern look where the stainless material as the identical for the modern material. Beside aving an elegance look, this kind of door would give you very good security and it could last long and you do not need to worry about it. This kind of door is also easily to be maintained so that you do not need to clean it everyday.

Another example of sliding door is that glass sliding door. This sliding door also would give you a lot of advantages, such as saving the room sapce, enjoying the outside, view and others. If you have a garden or water fountain outside your home interior, you still could enjoy it from your own room since this glass sliding would give you a chance to do that. beside that, by having sliding glass door, you would be helped by this door. How is that? if you have kids and you should finish your home tasks, you could let your kids play in the backyard and you still could watch them from the inside.

So, what do you think about these sliding door designs? Are you interested in it?

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Glass sliding door design  , Sliding Doors Design In Interior Category
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