Wooden Garden Sculptures

Garden is the most amazing exterior idea for your house. Having garden as the decoration, you could get many advantages for that. This garden could be functioned as the decoration beside it also giving the fresh air and also releasing the stress that you have. Then, what kind of garden that you have at your home?Here, let’s see some examples  of wooden garden sculptures from Bruno that provide you with some amazing idea of wooden sculpture. This design full of the fantasy, beauty, also humor that would make you feel refresh for it. Then, the aesthetic feel from your garden would be much greater. This sculptures are placed in the small Victorian village that is surrounded by rainforest.

Woman wooden sculptureWoman wooden sculpture

Kinds of Wooden Garden Sculptures

This wooden garden sculpture create unique the inspiring sense that full of art and aesthetics. Then, having wooden sculpture also become the sign or identity of you yourself since it is related with the design that you have in your home. Th wooden sculpture also become the main or focal point for your garden design. since it is made from the wooden material, it is very nice for the classical and environmentally friendly.

Praying Hands Wooden garden sculpturePraying Hands Wooden garden sculpture

From the previous pictures, you could see that the sculpture would become the center point of your garden design. Based on the practical and functional, this sculpture always provide you some advantages, Such as the praying hands wooden garden sculpture above, this wooden sculpture has function as the garden’s bench and making the garden become more artistic.

Old Man on The Forest Wooden SculptureOld Man on The Forest Wooden Sculpture

Then, what do you think about the sculpture above? This is very weird but unique sculpture that might remind you to the Harry Potter movie’s character there.

Wooden Head Garden SculptureWooden Head Garden Sculpture

This wooden garden sculpture is very suitable to be placed at the corner of your garden since it would be a focal point when you have it in your small garden. Actually, this wooden sculpture would be better if you have some small fountains near the sculpture. So, what do you think?

After seeing some pictures above, maybe you have thought about having it in your garden since it is really helpful for maintaining the garden design. Beside that, it would also your garden design become more attractive and environmentally friendly since it is made from the wood and the classical sense of it would make you stay long in the garden. So, don’t you want to try it as your garden interior design?

Woman wooden sculpture , Wooden Garden Sculptures In Furniture Category
Praying Hands Wooden garden sculpture , Wooden Garden Sculptures In Furniture Category
Wooden Head Garden Sculpture , Wooden Garden Sculptures In Furniture Category
Old Man on The Forest Wooden Sculpture , Wooden Garden Sculptures In Furniture Category
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