Beautiful Powder Room Bathroom Ideas

The typical powder room, that half bath in your home with just a sink, toilet, and mirror, only averages about four-by-five feet, yet even though it’s generally the smallest room in the home. Powder rooms also usually function as guest bathrooms. The powder room is quite possibly the most often seen room by guests. For this reason, the powder room is understandably usually the most often renovated and redesigned room in any residence. Because of the small size of the room, a powder room is also a lot cheaper to recreate and redecorate. Well, if your powder room looks plain and boring then you will need to decorate with some good powder room bathroom ideas. And in the following paragraphs, you will get several decorating that can enhance your powder room into beautiful and impressive room.

beautiful powder room bathroom ideas      Beautiful Powder Room Bathroom Ideas

Make a Big Impact With These Below Powder Room Bathroom Ideas


Here’s the first decorating powder room bathroom ideas, choose a style. The easiest way is to match or complement the style of your house. If the rest of your house is in Old World style, you can choose this style for your bathroom as well. Some people try to be bolder in design when it comes to decorating their half-bathrooms, because guests use them and they want to make a statement and choose a design that is entirely different from the rest of the house. Although there is nothing entirely wrong with that, a style cohesive to the rest of the house is preferable, because it stays true to its design theme.

stunning powder room bathroom ideasStunning Powder Room Bathroom Ideas

Mirrors make small spaces look larger, and since powder rooms are often small, there’s no harm in adding a few extra mirrors to highlight the decor. In addition to any vanity mirror or medicine cabinet above the sink, hang small, decorative mirrors on the walls or use reflective accessories, such as mirrored candle holders, soap dishes, or a mirror-bottom tray to hold potpourri or magazines.

Replace an old pedestal sink with a furniture-style vanity to give it more character. If you already have a base cabinet, refinish the wood and add new drawer fixtures. Use granite for your countertop and glass tiles for your backsplash to achieve a modern look. For an Old World style, choose tumbled marble or travertine tiles for your backsplash to give it more texture. Choose a glass vessel sink and matching waterfall faucet for a more modern look. Choose a hammered copper sink with matching copper-finish faucet for an Old World style. Replace your vanity lights with wall sconces and add matching ceiling light fixtures.

Use glass floating shelves for both storage and decor in your powder room. A small shelf just above the sink can hold lotions and soaps, keeping the counter clear for easing cleaning or adding space to pedestal or bowl sinks. Floating shelves use a thin anchor for the shelf, rather than traditional brackets, allowing the shelf to “float” or hang without visible supports. This keeps your wall space free, and in combination with the transparent glass of the shelves, keeps the room feeling open and larger than it is.

High-quality silk plants can add a feeling of life to dull powder rooms. Real plants are best, but if you don’t have a window, real plants will be unable to survive. If you prefer the real thing and don’t have natural light, vases with fresh cut flowers are another option. Refresh the flowers whenever they begin to wilt so the room is always ready for unexpected visitors. For silk plants, you can create a theme with false ivy woven throughout your other decor, including walls, shelving and sink pedestals.

Apply paint or wallpaper to add color and texture to your walls. Try sponge painting, ragging, stenciling, mural painting or Venetian plaster for your walls to give them more depth. Paint the ceilings to bring the eyes up. Choose metallic colors for the ceilings to give the feel and look of opulence. Add wood moldings to give the half-bathroom more character. Choose tiles or wood for your floors. Wood is acceptable since a half-bathroom does not have a lot of humidity and moisture due to the absence of a shower and bath tub.

Create a theme with accessories that match not only each other, but your fixtures as well. Look for soap and lotion pumps and towel racks that have the same finish as your faucet, such as bright chrome, brushed steel or antique brass. Colorful guest towels with embroidered shapes can quickly, easily and often inexpensively change the look and cheer up your powder room, especially if you can match them with floor mats and other decor that brings out the color and design.

awesome powder room bathroom ideasAwesome Powder Room Bathroom Ideas

good powder room bathroom ideasGood Powder Room Bathroom Ideas

cool powder room bathroom ideasCool Powder Room Bathroom Ideas

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cute powder room bathroom ideasCute Powder Room Bathroom Ideas

Feel free to stray away from the standard landscape and still life artwork for your powder room. If your room has a bold, modern look in its fixtures and paint, decorate it with contemporary paintings from local artists. You’ll be helping artists who are on the rise as well as giving guests an exciting visual experience. Place a painting where it is easily seen when visitors walk into the room, then hang others wherever there is wall space. Small sculptures or artistic jewelry items will fit well on glass floating shelves, and you can choose a single artist or mix and match. These were some powder room bathroom ideas in decorate. Many people enjoy giving a powder room their own distinct, unique decorate and style that is totally different from the decor of the rest of the house. You can use a powder room to give off a romantic, fun-loving or different theme. After all, a powder room is an exciting place to experiment.

awesome powder room bathroom ideas , Beautiful Powder Room Bathroom Ideas In Bathroom Category
beautiful powder room bathroom ideas , Beautiful Powder Room Bathroom Ideas In Bathroom Category
cool powder room bathroom ideas , Beautiful Powder Room Bathroom Ideas In Bathroom Category
cute powder room bathroom ideas , Beautiful Powder Room Bathroom Ideas In Bathroom Category
good powder room bathroom ideas , Beautiful Powder Room Bathroom Ideas In Bathroom Category
orange powder room bathroom ideas , Beautiful Powder Room Bathroom Ideas In Bathroom Category
stunning powder room bathroom ideas , Beautiful Powder Room Bathroom Ideas In Bathroom Category
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